Ginsberg Poetry Prize Winner: Zagawah (Zae) Soe

Ginsberg Poetry Prize Winner: Zagawah (Zae) Soe

The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize was established in 1981 by William Kinter, a long-time supporter of the college. The prize is awarded annually to a meritorious graduating senior whose work in language and literature is judged to have been the most creative – the kind of craft in words that is recognized as distinguishing and promising in painting.

The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize is a cash prize of $500 awarded annually to one graduating senior provided by the Department of Humanistic Studies. Nominations are made by a creative writer teaching in the Humanistic Studies Department, and based on students’ academic standing and outstanding work in poetry. Poems are judged specifically for creativity and craft in language use. This year’s juror is Jennifer Wallace.

This year’s winning poem is “millenials” by Humanistic Studies Major Zae Soe



kids these days, generation y

we’re selfie-obsessed, instagram addicts. we rely


entirely too much on technology. we don’t know

the value of a good book, of emerson or thoreau.


go ahead: draw a comic of modern day titanic,

survivors on their phones as they sink in the atlantic,


make it just another joke about people my age,

so lazy, entitled, whining about minimum wage.


ask me if i’ll be blogging when the world ends,

if hashtag-armageddon will be a twitter trend.


(i’ll tell you yes. i’ll tell you that i would want to say

i love you, i’m sorry, good-bye. if it were doomsday –


yes. i’d livetweet the apocalypse.)




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