MICA, the play

MICA, the play

CALL for performers, designers, costumers and writers:

This year, MICA’s theater company, Rivals of the West, is doing a devised theater production of MICA, The Play which means the company itself will write and choreograph the entire production.

We will invent it and then perform it. Our subject will be the MICA experience–all the wonderful, happy, sad, exalted, tragic, serious and hilarious stuff we get up to here at MICA. We hope to have music (including original scores and lyrics) and performances of every sort, including acrobats and dancers, singers and jugglers and on and on. We will of course have some sort of narrative skeleton to hang all our inventions on, but just like what happens in our classrooms, we will let the creative process take its course and take us and the design and content of the production with it. It should be a very special and thrilling  ride.

We will need students of every sort to make up the 2018 Rivals company–performers of every stripe as well as set designers and builders, costumers, sound and lighting designers, publicity designers and producers–all the typical elements of a theater company but with the crucial difference this year (also our 10th anniversary performance) that the company will invent the entire thing from scratch.

We need student writers, especially, those who want to see their work on stage in public performances. We will accommodate any student who wishes to be part of our extravaganza. We’ll find a spot for them in the company and on stage if they would like that or behind stage if that is their preference. Come one, come all.  

Those participating in this production will receive 6 credits–3 academic, 3 studio: PERF303, Tuesdays, 10-12:45 and FA303, Tuesdays 1-6:45, both in BBOX.

Anyone interested should contact Christopher Shipley (cshipley@mica.edu) as soon as possible.

Complete registration information will be in the spring 2018 schedule of classes.

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