Professor Alan Orr: 2016 Douglas Murray Prize Winner

Professor Alan Orr: 2016 Douglas Murray Prize Winner

Congratulations to D. Alan Orr, PhD, member of the Humanistic Studies department, who was recently awarded the 2016 Douglas Murray prize for the most outstanding article in Volume 18 of Reformation & Renaissance Review. His article, ‘“God’s hangman’: James VI, the Divine Right of Kings, and the Devil.” Reformation & Renaissance Review, 18.2 (2016), 137-154, is available through the above link for free until December 31, 2018.

The panel of judges said this of Dr. Orr’s article:

“a clever and pleasingly original article… an exciting synthesis that brings insights into the mental world of James VI & I”

“an important contribution to our understanding of early-modern absolutism… persuasive and illuminating”

“stimulating and well written”

“a worthy contribution to scholarship on Reformation political thought”

For more information on the article and panel, click here to be directed to the Taylor & Francis website.

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