2018 Ginsberg Poetry Prize Winners

2018 Ginsberg Poetry Prize Winners

Congratulations to David Abalos Aliaga, one of the two 2018 Ginsberg Poetry Prize winners.

David joined the MICA community this past school year and studied ceramics at MICA. He is completing his final year at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.  He wrote about his love of writing since he was a teenager, “My poetry is influenced by the Spanish poetry of the silver age: with Lorca or Luis Cernuda. They meant the last revolution for Spanish language, they are an example of freedom against an authoritarian regime, and they mixed tradition and literature with Spanish daily life in a wonderful song to love.” Follow his work on Instagram at @d_a_aliaga or email him at dawiabalos@gmail.com

Read his poem in English and Spanish here:  If I had no hands, how would I write

The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize was established in 1981 by William Kinter, a long-time supporter of the college. The prize is awarded annually by the Department of Humanistic Studies to a meritorious graduating senior whose work in language and literature is judged to have been the most creative – the kind of craft in words that is recognized as distinguishing and promising as craft in studio art and design.

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