2018 Ginsberg Poetry Prize Winners

2018 Ginsberg Poetry Prize Winners

Congratulations to Catherine Khamnouane, one of our two winners of the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize 2018.

Catherine’s practice focuses on the personal relationships we create with and within the varied political power structures that surround us. She graduated from the Interdisciplinary Sculpture program in May of 2018 and plans to continue living, working and making in Baltimore. Follow her work on Instagram at @catkham or catkham.com

Read her poem here: Masterpiece, Martyr

The Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize was established in 1981 by William Kinter, a long-time supporter of the college. The prize is awarded annually by the Department of Humanistic Studies to a meritorious graduating senior whose work in language and literature is judged to have been the most creative – the kind of craft in words that is recognized as distinguishing and promising as craft in studio art and design.

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