Dereck Mangus wins Frieze Magazine Writer’s Prize 2018

Dereck Mangus wins Frieze Magazine Writer’s Prize 2018
Congratulations to Dereck Stafford Mangus, graduate of the M.A. Program in Critical Studies, winner of  the 2018 frieze writing prize for his review of Jack Whitten’s exhibition ‘Odyssey: Jack Whitten Sculpture, 1963–2017’, at the Baltimore Museum of Art. This year’s prize was judged by frieze’s senior editor, Andrew Durbin, writer Billy Kahora and artist Amy Sillman.

Andrew Durbin said of the winning entry: ‘As judges, we looked for clear writing that both captured the qualities of an artist’s work and provided the reader with a strong sense of a show. In the short space of a 700-word review of Jack Whitten’s ‘Odyssey: Sculpture 1963–2017’ at the Baltimore Museum of Art,  Dereck Stafford Mangus addressed the aesthetic and historical complexities of a career that spanned six decades without sacrificing a close reading of individual works. Most importantly, he eloquently accomplished what we expect of all good writing: he kept us wanting to know more.’

Read the prizewinning article here.

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