Majors Requirements

Students at MICA possess wide-ranging interests in subjects beyond studio art, especially in academic subjects such as literature, history, philosophy, and writing. As a result, the College is offering this unique integrated undergraduate degree; in effect, students in this program get a liberal arts degree as well as a studio arts degree combined in one program of study.

The academic side of the new integrated major is called humanistic studies. We choose to call it humanistic studies rather than humanities in order to emphasize a difference in intellectual commitment. The term ‘humanities’ suggest subjects to be studied and tend to look backwards and to train academics who study the past in an academic sort of way. In contrast, humanistic studies suggests a practice of life. Our goal is to train students to be practicing artists, intellectuals, and citizens involved with the cultural life of the communities where they live. Humanistic studies embodies a forward-looking and ethical orientation. Its concern is to help students discover that the quality of life of their community is in their hands as makers and thinkers. Humanistic studies provides a broad liberal arts education while developing the analytical, critical, and contextual thinking skills that are vital for the creation, expression, and transmission of ideas.

Major Degree Requirements            Requirements for Each Discipline

All Foundation Courses      Animation and Humanistic Studies
Sophomore Seminar 1      Ceramics and Humanistic Studies
 Topic Seminar 1 HMST 220      Drawing and Humanistic Studies
 Topic Seminar 2      Environmental Design and Humanistic Studies
 Topic Seminar 3      Fiber and Humanistic Studies
 Topic Seminar 4      GFA and Humanistic Studies
 Topic Seminar 5      Graphic Design and Humanistic Studies
 AH 201 (Modernism & After)      Illustration and Humanistic Studies
 HMSTD Elective 1      Interactive Arts and Humanistic Studies
 HMSTD Elective 2      Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Humanistic Studies
 HMSTD Elective 3      Painting and Humanistic Studies
 HMSTD Elective 4      Photography and Humanistic Studies
Senior Thesis I HMST 480      Printmaking and Humanistic Studies
Senior Thesis II HMST 490      Video, Film and Humanistic Studies
Post-Foundation Credits: 48

Humanistic Studs Credits: 36